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Vegan Festival partners with 2016 International Year of Pulses

All Vegan Festival facilitators will be incorporating pulses into at least one of their dishes. They will also be answering your questions. Please ask a question via Speakers Page (form on the bottom of the page) so they can answer them either on the day, via VF YouTube channel, on VF Facebook page or directly to you.

Vegan Festival will produce a beautifully designed VF Recipe E-book with all the recipes presented by VF facilitators this year. Stay tuned for more details here at the later stage on how to download the VF Recipe E-book.


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Dr Heleen Roex-Haitjema

Celebrating pulses vegan style

  1. Quick Black Bean Chili

  2. Chickpea Salad with Orange Miso Dressing

  3. Breakfast Tofu Scramble

Dr Heleen Roex-Haitjema, paediatrician, migrated to Australia with her husband and three children
in 2000. She received her medical training in paediatrics at the Free University in Amsterdam, The
Netherlands. Since 2010, she has been researching the medical and nutrition literature on the relation
between nutrition and our health and became fascinated by the abundance of well executed
studies that all indicate that a healthy plant-based diet is not only preventative for many chronic
diseases, but can also play a curative role in stopping and sometimes even reversing disease.

Heleen has earned her Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Center
for Nutrition Studies and Cornell University New York and became in Australia the first Certified
Instructor through The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine’s “Food for Life” program
in Washington DC and is now running 5-week courses in Adelaide.

Together with her husband Dr Alphonse Roex, PhD, Obstetrician - Gynaecologist, they present on
Health and Nutrition backed by sound research; up till now, on 17 occasions, in Australia and the
Netherlands, including Grand Rounds in hospitals and for medical students, with the largest audience
reaching 400 people.

Jean-Claude de Toulouse

Jean-Claude de Toulouse

Jean-Claude de Toulouse

Simple means divine - stay tuned for more information soon!

  1. Jean-Claude's Tabouli

  2. Vegan Crimson Salad

Jean-Claude's culinary skills have been passed down through his family for generations and finely tuned by

practical experience. From an early age Jean-Claude began to learn the history of, and specialise in French cuisine and it was there that his hunger for international cuisine began to blossom. His passion for cooking has guided him to also learn languages, seven of which he can communicate fluently. These abilities enable Jean-Claude to travel the world, allowing him to mix effectively with the local population of many countries and gather the most fantastic recipes and cultural knowledge. Jean-Claude believes that “a chef is an artist who creates dishes inspired by wonderful surroundings”. That belief is a motivating factor for Jean-Claude to live in Australia, a land of many diverse cultures and landscapes. Since settling in Australia, Jean-Claude has been involved in “Tasting The Market” an ongoing, public presentation of international cuisine in the Central Markets of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia.

Jean-Claude had also been invited to many functions to perform his cooking demonstrations. Fuelled by unlimited imagination as well as great sense of humour, fun and knowledge, According to his critics Jean-Claude presents his delicious gourmet creations, which mesmerise the eyes, minds and tastebuds of his audiences. When jean-Claude talks about cuisine, his primary belief is to “keep it simple and it will be divine”. Also, he believes that the best ingredients a chef should add to any recipe are these:

  • Passion mixed with love
  • Flavour with care
  • Top with your great personality
  • And present with class.

Every time jean-Claude creates a dish, he imagines that he will be presenting it to the love of his life, which always helps his to achieve my best. In his eyes, the old adage is true “The more you cook the more you learn”. Jean-Claude winks and smiles cheekily when asked about mistakes “Learn from them, just don’t tell anyone”. His presentations are not only cooking demonstrations but also a wonderful learning experience about the origins of ingredients and recipes. He always uses the freshest ingredients and is very proud of the produce that is readily available in Australia.

The recipes and dishes jean-Claude presents are a reflection of his personality – divine and charismatic.

Visit Jean-Claude's Website


Tegan Steele aka Vegie Girl


Social Media Pages.

Instagram: @tegansteele

Facebook: Tegan Steele - Vegie Girl

Blog: www.vegiegirl88.wordpress.com

DETAILS: Sunday, Activity Tent (grass area)

'Helping to make the world a healthier place one person at a time' - SUNDAY

Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, Author of '365 Days of Wholeness', Blogger, Natural Beauty Therapist, Personal Trainer & Yin Yoga Instructor.

Tegan's journey began 7 years ago when her mother Trina was rushed to emergency surgery after her bowel perforated from Crohn's Disease. Trina was given no choice but to find a natural method of healing to save her life so Tegan took it upon herself to help her mum search for a cure.

Tegan travelled overseas, studied the Gerson Therapy and researched until she found a method to heal her mum.

After implementing an extended juice fast & a Plant Based Alkaline diet Trina was healed from her Crohn's disease & Tegan's Irritable Bowel Syndrome and intolerances were reversed as the result of changing her diet to a plant based Vegan diet. 

 Tegan now facilitates Health Retreats in Australia and Bali, teaches Vegan Cooking Classes, speaks all around Australia & overseas and opened a Wholefood Cafe in Melbourne last year called Urban Projuice with her family to spread the food that changed their lives.

Tegan has helped hundreds of people through a plant based diet.


Tegan Steele

Tegan's Cooking Class on Sunday:

  • Alkaline Green Smoothie
  • Almond Milk
  • Homemade Toothpaste
  • Acai Bowl


Bob Bowls Catering Co & PureVitalu

NOTE:  Friday 21 Oct at Central Market as the Pre-Launch of Vegan Festival

With a little bit of love and creativity vegan food can be done right and overflow with flavours.

It was this passion to provide delicious food options for vegans and people with food intolerance that inspired self-taught cook Jessie Morris and trained chef Amy Comber to develop Bob Bowls Catering Company.

The pair had a drive to venture out on their own and cook 100% vegan, gluten-free and allergy friendly food, that is organic when possible, local, sustainable and ethical, allowing them to express themselves through flavour.
Influenced by Bob Marley’s lifestyle of love, unity and respect for all beings on the planet the business was born. Bob Bowls Catering Company started in April 2016 as a market food stall that provides hungry customers with a nutritional, well-balanced bowl that is not only satisfying but packed with taste!

Our Bob Bowl - Every bowl starts with a bed of fresh, leafy greens and roasted seasonal vegetables which are locally sourced. Customers then build on their bowl from four categories of proteins, pulses, sauces and garnishes that include nuts, seeds and fresh herbs. Or you can go ‘All In’ and get a little bit of everything on your bowl.
Flavourful sauces and dips take the bowls to the next level. They are made fresh every week with new, interesting and mouth-watering flavour combinations. These bowls burst with colour and texture and tantalise the taste buds. Bowls change seasonally to allow you to literally eat the rainbow of fresh produce that is locally available.

Bob Bowls also offers catering services that provide a well-developed menu of delicious food that is made from scratch with fresh, seasonal ingredients, care and a bit of love that will enhance any event or functions, large or small.


In our cooking Demo Jessie and I will be focusing on how to make the perfect power bowl and what we do to balance and bring flavour to the bowl. We will teach everyone how they can make their own power bowls at home, these bowls are so amazing for lunches for work, or even just a nice healthy dinner after you hit the gym, I've even been known to eat one for breakfast sometimes, there is no limits here. We are going to talk about some of the different ways to cook quinoa which has perplexed me as a chef for years on how to perfect it until I met Jessie and now I have my favourite way of making the fluffiest and perfectly cooked grains/seeds/legumes. We are also going to talk about some of the simple things you can to to keep flavour on hand in the house, through roasting heads of garlic, storing and growing fresh herbs, and keeping some dips and homemade cheeses in the fridge to spice up any meal, whether is be the simplest of sandwiches to plain sautéed veggies on rice. We want to teach people how cooking vegan can be one of the most fun and creative ways of cooking. When I went vegan almost a year ago my main goal was to re create everything I ate before but with only plants and i want to talk about how this goal is totally attainable and you can make some of the most amazing food without hurting animals or the planet. Going vegan gave me a whole new out look on cooking and food and re-inspired my passion in the kitchen!

Bob Bowls' and PureVitalu Cooking Class on Friday 21 Oct at Central Market:

  • Quinoa Falafel Patties
  • Mexican Pumpkin Dip
  • Black Lentil Hummus

FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/bobbowlsco/?fref=ts
INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/bobbowls/
WEBPAGE- www.bobbowls.com

PureVitalu's Facebook Page

Remedy Bliss

Adelaide’s pioneer of raw food and fermented food

After studying the practice of raw food and fermented food preparation in Arizona, USA in 2007, Remedy came back to hometown Adelaide excited and ready to share this knowledge with as many people as possible. For Remedy, food and its preparation must be simple and accessible. It must stand the test of time, it must cross generations and backgrounds, it must be of value to the planet.

Remedy’s passion is sharing her knowledge in her common sense, practical and totally unique style. She loves shedding light on the ancient practice of fermentation, on raw foods and in particular how we can get most nutritional benefits from our foods.

At this year’s VF Remedy Bliss will teach how to prepare legumes for optimal digestion and nutrition.  You can also check Remedy's facebook page.

“How to prepare legumes for optimal digestion”

Up until about 50 years ago it was common practice to 'prepare' legumes & grains prior to COOKING. Like many ancient practices, the need for CONVENIENCE has pushed such practices aside. Little wonder most folks have so much GUT DYSBIOSIS. Legumes & Grains require special attention to ensure optimal digestion. I look forward to sharing with you simple tips & techniques you can apply when creating delicious dishes with the humble but OUTSTANDING LEGUME.

Jade Tornquist

Path to a vibrant life.

Jade has gone from being on a path of self-destruction, suffering depression, weight issues and battling heavy substance abuse to today being an animal activist and a life/ health coach for healthy plant based living.  Jade lives her life as a fruitarian and has a large forum on Facebook called Raw Vegan Fruitarians 4 Life where she shares her raw journey and experiences with others. Jade also spreads the vegan message and educates others via social media on Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube.

Jade will be demonstrating how to make 3 raw dishes at this year’s Vegan Festival On Sunday 6 Nov 11.45-12.45pm.

Jade's Raw Cooking Class on Sunday:

  • Raw Chili
  • Raw Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Raw PowerHouse Salad

VF2016 Recipe E-book to download

With all recipes used at the cooking demonstrations.

Come back in November 2016 to download your copy. Donations towards the Vegan Festival to cover the costs of the cooking demos are welcome and appreciated.


2016 International Year of Pulses


The United Nations has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses FAO has been nominated to implement IYP 2016 in collaboration with Governments, relevant organizations, non governmental organizations and all other relevant stakeholders.  The IYP 2016 aims to heighten public awareness of the nutritional benefits of pulses as part of sustainable food production aimed towards food security and nutrition. The term “pulses” is limited to crops harvested solely for dry grain. Pulse crops such as lentils, beans, peas and chickpeas are a critical part of the general food basket.

Pulses are a vital source of plant based proteins and amino acids for people around the globe and should be eaten as part of a healthy diet to address obesity, as well as to prevent and help manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, coronary conditions and cancer; they are also an important source of plant based protein for animals.


2016 International Year of Pulses partners with Vegan Festival Adelaide this year.