Stay informed


There will be two ATMs at the Vegan Festival near the main gate. They are provided kindly by Ross Taylor from ifATM. However, we recommend coming prepared as they can become quite busy at peak times. EFTPOS facilities will also be available at some stalls.


Being a not-for-profit event we ask for a $5 for each day you attend the festival. We consider it a donation towards the festival. Proceeds from the festival go towards various charities and costs associated with organising the festival.

Children under 12 FREE.


Security will be on site all day and night during the event as well as before and after the festival.

Lost & Found

During the festival, please report any lost property to the Information Booth. Any found items will be left onsite until Sunday, after which they will be held at the festival office for approximately 3 weeks (tel. 1300 00 GIVE). Thereafter, valuables will be taken to the Adelaide Police Station and the remaining items will be donated to charity. We believe good karma is part of the Vegan Festival experience, so if you find any valuables please do the right thing and hand them in!


Sorry guys, busking is not permitted at Vegan Festival. If you wish to perform at Vegan Festival, please apply here.

Distributing Fliers

Absolutely no flyering is permitted inside the festival grounds or outside the entrances due to our obligation of care for Victoria Square/Tardanyangga, support to all stall holders and our zero waste-to-landfill policies. There is minimum number of posters put up and limited Vegan Festival's distribution of paper handouts this year so we can proudly say we do out utmost to be zero waste.

Cameras & Filming

We love a good happy snap and encourage you to share your good times with us on social media, however professional-grade still and video cameras will NOT be allowed on site unless you take photos for the Vegan Festival (VF copyrights). This is a requirement of our artists' performance contracts and is requested out of respect for their artistic and intellectual property rights. In addition, the use of long-lens cameras can interfere with other patrons' enjoyment of the performances. Audio recording equipment is similarly prohibited.

A professional-grade camera is considered to be any camera with a detachable lens. Should you wish to bring one to site, please csend us a message via Contact Page.


While Vegan Festival encourages you to bring your children, we do not offer any child minding services. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

We recommend parents get a wristband/ribbon or something to write on, for a child and mark their name and mobile number on it. Parents should arrange with children to meet at the Info Booth if they get separated. If a lost child arrives at the Info Booth, volunteers will alert festival security.

Children under 12 get in for free.

We love our little humans and we have an entire area dedicated to them - drop into the Kids Zone for daily activities programmed specially for kids!

You are more than welcome to bring prams or strollers although we recommend avoiding the crowds directly in front of the stage.
Please note that disposable nappies are one of the greatest contaminants of our waste streams, so please be mindful of our zero waste-to-landfill policy and if you are using disposable nappies, we ask that you remove them from the park with you when you leave. If you are unable to do this, PLEASE utilise the clearly marked dedicated Nappy Disposal Bins located at the toilets stations.


We welcome all four-legged pets. However, please make sure that pets are on leash at all times and you familiarize yourself with water stations locations in the park lands. Also, please bring pet litter bags with you.


Accessible toilets will be located alongside the main toilet block on south side of Victoria Square. There will be disability accessible toilet. Please see the festival map for specific locations. Cleaning company will be hired to manage the toilets at all times during the event.

Drinking Water

There are a number of drinking water fountains set up around the park, locatable via the map, so bringing an EMPTY refillable bottle with you is a great idea. Otherwise only SEALED bottles of water will be allowed into the park.

There will be clearly signed water stations for pets located around the venue.

Wheelchair & Pram Access

• Our event is inclusive and welcoming to all groups, by providing an accessible, welcoming, friendly environment while also benefitting from diverse perspectives.

• Wheelchair friendly access is one of the major points of choosing the venue as we want to make sure that both people with disability and those with prams can easily access and move around the event.

• There are easily accessible ramps in the park lands as well as wheelchair friendly toilet.


There will be amazing biodegradable and compostable market show bags with goodies inside available for purchase at the Information Booth. Value of the bag plus content over $70!!

Venue Info

For more information, please visit the Venue Info page.

Seating & Shading

There is going to be a lot of seating available as well as sufficient shading for patrons. We recommend bringing hats and sunscream regardless as bigger crowds are expected this year.

Bins & Recycling

• It is mandatory that all food/beverage stallholders use compostable plates, bowls, cutlery, cups etc.

• Separate waste bins for Organics are available around the venue clearly labelled and after the festival all of the organic waste is taken for composting. More than half of the waste produced at the Vegan Festival 2015 went to organics waste recycling.

• We engage the services of a local company that specialise in waste management to set up a three-bin system. A strong emphasis is placed on using the organics bin.

First Aid

There will be First Aid Kits available at the Information Booth.

First Aid volunteers will also be present at all times during the festival.


Fundraising is not permitted by anyone on site. If you would like your organisation to have a presence at Vegan Festival you may like to apply for a Not For Profit stall. Please check our Stall Holders page for more information.

Smoking & Drugs

Vegan Festival Adelaide is a NON SMOKING event. Patrons can leave the event and re-enter as many times as they would like throughout the day - just ask for a re-entry stamp at the gate.

Drugs are absolutely not permitted on site under any circumstances. Patrons suspected to be under the influence of drugs may be asked to leave the venue.


This year's Vegan Festival is an all-weather event, which means we still go ahead rain or shine!

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the average maximum temperature in Adelaide in November is 26.3°C and the average minimum is 15.2°C, although it can be significantly hotter reaching the mid-to-high 30’s. Vegan Festival is an outdoor event and can be very warm, although Victoria Square will have lots of shade during the event and it can get quite cool at night too! Remember to make sure you drink plenty of water, wear a hat and sunscreen and bring a change of clothes relative to the local forecast - Vegan Festival will go ahead rain, hail or shine! Get the latest forecast from the BOM website.


Please head over to our Volunteers page for further information on how to get involved with the festival.

Donating to Festival

Please check the Donate page for further details on how you can financially support the festival. We totally rely on sponsorships, volunteers and donations.


Vegan Festival will have sunscreen available for free to patrons at the Information Booth thanks to Natio. Natio kindly provided Vegan Festival patrons with their Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50+ . Bringing your own sunscreen is also recommended.

How & When to Apply for a Stall

Applications for stalls open in May and close end of June 2016. Please check the Stall Holders page for further details.

What to Bring

• Valid photo ID
• Hat
• Sunscreen
• Medication
• Clothes to suit the weather (if rain please bring a poncho)

• Sunnies
• Friends
• Portable phone charger
• Low deck-chair or bean-bag for seating
• Small beach sun-shade

• Smiles

What NOT to Bring

• Tents
• High-chairs
• Umbrellas

Umbrellas will not be allowed into the park as they can be a safety concern in addition to disrupting other patrons experience of the event. In the case of inclement weather, we recommend packing a light rain proof jacket w/ hood and/or a lightweight poncho. Small, flat parasols can be brought for personal sun protection if desired.

• Absolutely no glass will be allowed on site (this includes bottles as well as any food containers).
• Drones, remote control aircraft / cars are prohibited
• Professional Cameras
• Selfie Sticks
• Audio recording devices
• Fire twirling equipment
• And weapons, fireworks, illicit substances, bad attitudes, nasty stuff ... just leave it home please, our festival is one of peace and community, so come join us!