The perfect line-up for the perfect festival

This year's Vegan Festival Main Stage is brought to you by Australia's Vegan Superfund - Cruelty Free Super


A Party With Kate

Photo Credit: Nicole wedding

Photo Credit: Nicole wedding

A Party With Kate love playing around Adelaide as well as being hired for functions, parties, festivals, weddings and anything at all that you need awesome music for! They have a wide variety of songs that will please everyone from Ricky Martin to Cyndi Lauper,  Madonna, Bruno Mars, Led Zeppelin and many more.

A Party With Kate's Facebook Page

A Party With Kate is an energetic cover band from Adelaide

Lead singer Kate Lewis, whose beautiful, powerful voice will leave you wanting more - in one word her vocals are simply awesome. Tim Wedding on guitar brings his own unique style, shredding solos with solid riffs. Phil Portella (who is a member of several original bands in Adelaide) rocks out on bass and will definitely get you dancing. Paul McInerney on keyboards and backing vocals (and a few lead songs of his own) is a consummate professional and his talent shines through. And lastly Nicole Wedding on drums will always be there to provide a solid back beat with a little bit of flare.


Renata Jayne

Go Green with Renata

Bring the children along to see the Queen of Fun Renata Jayne, where they can sing and dance along to her catchy tunes all about what we can do to help animals and the environment. Find out what is in the Go Green Suitcase, see who Renata can trick and who she might choose to dress up for some songs on the stage.

Renata Jayne is a popular children's musician and storyteller who has written over fifteen theatrical shows that she performs every day in schools, kindergartens and festivals.

Her passion is kindness to animals, the environment and health, and her songs and stories reflect these ethics in her lyrics.

Renata has produced two children's DVDs, one CD titled Purple Boots and two books to date.


Photo Credit: Careless river

Sailing downstream through Folk • Jazz • Blues • Pop • Chanson Country

OpenHouse formed in 2014 by the merging of two duos – Duo Montagne and The Reverend & Mrs Rowdy. Each had sold-out Fringe shows under lifebelts – from the 2014 Cabaret Fringe, and 2015 Adelaide Fringe respectively. Trisha & Jem had also played in Skinny Moon and Gillian & David continue to perform in trio form. OpenHouse's sound is a confluence of the sonic strengths of these two outfits - sensitive vocals, moody guitar, core-resonating double bass and poignant harmonica. Listeners sail downstream on board a sturdy vessel built of solid originals and ever-buoyant classics borrowed from The Store of Best Songs of The Twentieth Century. With unaffected nonchalance the music meanders, swirls or splashes in a fluid adventure through domains of Folk, Jazz, Blues, Pop and Chanson. The landing is relaxed and easy, the guarantee no-one feels queasy!! An 11 track first CD called Season to Taste bobbed up in 2015.


Trisha Drioli – upright bass, vocals • David Corkill – vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, B-flat horn • Jem Phillips – vocals, electric guitar • Gillian Hunter – vocals, light percussion.



Sounding like the love child of Matt Corby and John Butler.
— YewthMag

Adelaide's unique folk artist Donnarumma has accomplished several milestones in his already short career. This 19 year old debuted his E.P Hint of Light, shared the stage with Blood Sweat and Tears and successfully sold out his Jeff Buckley tribute shows for the 2016 Adelaide Fringe. Donnarumma has proven to be a high local act with intentions to reach higher grounds.

Beginning his journey on the streets of Adelaide, Louis Donnarumma busked his tunes constantly. From here, his music began  stronger and lyrics came natural. Being influenced heavily by the likes of Jeff Buckley, Damien Rice & Nina Simone, Louis has crafted an unique and alternative folk style that excites the audience every time.

Donnarumma is quite a talent, and someone worth watching as his career inevitably takes off.
— Upside News
If you want to hear a natural musician who makes music from the soul, you need to hear this EP.
— Music SA

With two years of gigging and busking under his belt, Louis keeps the ball rolling with the release of his new single, At the Hive from his upcoming second E.P releasing early 2017. Till then, he'll continue to travel around the coast, already sharing the stage with interstate acts such as Julia Jacklin, The Bean Project and Merryn Jeann. With upcoming perfomances in the festival scene, Donnarumma will be hard to miss.

The BordererS

The BordererS are still one of South Australia’s biggest acts as they continue to tour around the world head-lining festivals. Scottish / Irish / Australian band, The BordererS are the most successful and entertaining Celtic / Rock / Roots band in Australia having been around since 1994.


Social justice and performing charity shows are a big priority for the BordererS, especially after losing their 18 year old son to suicide.


“Where do you get your energy from?” are the words most commonly used to describe the band's live stage show and what sets the BordererS apart from other bands is their ability to get the whole audience involved and to appeal to all age groups. After recording and playing with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, even Tom Jones and Julia Gillard booked them.

You must be dead if you’re not seen dancing at a BordererS’ gig.
— Jamie McKew • Port Fairy Festival Director

The BordererS are also becoming well known in the USA & Europe and have just performed at the InterCeltique Festival in Lorient, France where 750,000 people attended. Lead singer, Alex, was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and came to Australia in 1987, whilst Jim was born in Glasgow, Scotland and arrived in Australia on Christmas Eve 1993.

I have a feeling The BordererS are best heard live surrounded by people singing along and waving their hands in happy unison.
— The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Their songwriting seems to get better and better with every release and their brand new Double album "Caledonia Man and the Celtic Journey" will simply blow you away! They toured and filmed all over Europe & Australia for the new CD / DVD, featuring songs that you can sing along to like The Leaving of Liverpool, Loch Lomond, 500 Miles, and Galway Girl.

The BordererS have been voted Best World Music act at the Musicoz Awards and Best Gospel song at the Independent Music Awards in the USA. They have also just been voted SA's Best Band and their last double album "Tales of Love & Loss" was the winner of the Best Album of the Year.

Watch The BordererS on YouTube

Georgy Rochow

Georgy Rochow is an original folk singer / songwriter from the south coast of Adelaide. Her music is quirky and sweet and the audience is drawn to the honesty of her lyrics.

Branching out from her band Lighthouses, Georgy Rochow hits the stage solo this year and 2016 brings a whole new light for this up and coming artist. Georgy makes a point of the importance of lyrics in her songwriting and after a great success at Fringe this year with her show The Meaning of Lyrics. Georgy is looking forward to recording new music and hitting up local and interstate venues. Having been described as a female "Passenger", Georgy's music is honest, quirky, folk music with influences such as Clare Bowditch, Sarah Blasko, Passenger, Ben Howard and her all time favourite, The Beatles. With her sweet vocals, odd sense of humour and commanding stage presence you're sure to fall in love with her music.

The Roddy Gordon Rock & Roots Band

Roddy Vocal, guitar and songwriter, is a veteran performer having played gigs from the sixties folk, blues and rock scene in London, to extensive club and function work in NSW.

John Appleby Drums and percussion, is a well known Adelaide musician who has been playing since the sixties in well respected bands including Joe Hooker Band, The Hounds, Safari Set, Chris Finnen's Offering, Perfect Game, and Sympathy Orchestra.

Jane Gordon Bass guitar, backing vocals and songwriter, has been with Roddy for over 25 years.

Playing their original material with a Scots / Australian flavour plus their own unique interpretation of songs that have influenced them, The Roddy Gordon Rock & Roots Band offers a diverse range of Celtic, folk, rock, soul and blues.

Pipe Guy

Pipe Guy

Pipe Guy started out busking on the the streets of Adelaide and when his debut video on YouTube went Viral, he became an international sensation. Since then he has travelled the world with his homemade PVC pipe instrument and thongs (flip flops), playing his acoustic techno and house music in such places as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Malaysia and Turkey.

Check the programme for more details about Pipe Guy's performance times.

Michael, Eddie & Jardine

Coming together once again after the successful Festival Theatre launch of the Our Mob Art project they will again perform to bring a cultural cocktail to delight Adelaide audiences.

Jardine Kiwat

Percussionist extraordinaire. One of Adelaide’s most sought after percussionist who has managed to play with and some of the Australia's and world's great musicians including Carlos Santana, Yothu Yindi and Peter Skulthorpe.

Eddie Peters

Is an Adelaide cultural icon and original member of the iconic South Australian Indigenous band “the MERRg”. Eddie has also featured in a great number of other bands.

Michael Colbung

Original member of “the MERRg” and retired member of Adelaide’s garage, punk, psychedelic band the Molting Vultures. Michael is an extremely versatile musician.

Check the programme for more details and performance times.

Michael Colbung

Jardine Kiwat

Eddie Paters

Kelly Menhennett

A voice once compared to a cross between Erma Franklin and Etta James

A national award winning singer songwriter of the soul/roots/alt-country variety, Kelly Menhennett was born and bred amongst vineyards in the South Australian countryside.

She has won the national Telstra Road To Discovery award for her songwriting, independently released two full length albums and performed at iconic national and international festivals both solo and with her band.

Most recently Kelly was the recipient of the inaugural “Ryan Freeman Live Music Award” at the 2015 SA Music awards and won the ARBA best roots album for 2014/15 with her latest release, Small Dreams.

See more of Kelly here...





Dreadlock Drums Adelaide

Drumming Jo is a chief mama at Dreadlocks Drums Adelaide teaching rhythm around the world since 2002.  Whilst the school respects individual freedom of choice, their drums are not made from animal skin, but a synthetic fibre called Nuskin. All their dread and drum products are vegan friendly & ethically sourced.

Drumming Jo will perform with Dreadlock Drums Adelaide playing some earthy rhythms from around the globe on a variety of drums.  She has been teaching African style Drumming Internationally to children in hundreds of schools around the UK since 2002.  She was the Djembe Tutor for Plymouth Music Services UK and also trained with Village Music Circles CA. 

Drumming is easy to learn and teach but most importantly it is FUN! My workshops are designed to be enjoyable and help build confidence around playing the drums with others, to help with physical coordination, learn to follow direction and feel a little unity when playing together.
— Drumming Jo

Enjoy the stage performance on Saturday and also two fun, energising and inspirational workshops for both children and adults. See the programme for further details.

Dreadlocks Drums Adelaide Facebook Page

Dreadlocks Drums Adelaide Website

Minority Tradition

Their songs give some hope in a world of chaos and misunderstanding.

Minority tradition was formed on the foreshores of Henley Beach in early 2010. The band members comprise of good friends Mason, Caellyen, Matt and Rachel.
Optimistic, uplifting and beautiful, their lyrics draw you into experiences of pain and hope. Their songs are based on themes of social justice; their own stories and the experiences of others, as well as the beauty of community. With three members of the band being Vegan, this further inspires them to advocate for all beings of this planet. 

The band strives to better themselves and their world always and love that they can use music to share their passions. They want to continue to live the Minority Tradition way and hope to continue to write songs that inspire and engage.

After a few years away from playing, they have new music and new members, but the same passionate energy that brings the unique sound that is Minority Tradition.

Minority Tradition Website

Winter Witches

Winter Witches are Silent Type and Nina Harvey. They are a pseudo-drag, gender-bending pop DJ duo who pride themselves on looking fabulous and dancing just as much as (if not more than) the audience. They have played at such events as Adhocracy, Wild Style @ Format Systems Inc. and St Jerome’s Laneway Festival in 2016. Silent and Nina are both practicing vegans and have recently begun development on their audio-visual performance and songwriting project titled  'Climate of Cruelty’, which will be presented by Vitalstatistix as part of their Climate Century event. Climate of Cruelty will be a creative response to the devastating and under-reported environmental impacts of the factory farming industry.

Winter Witches pride themselves on playing music by women, trans and queer identifying artists. We make POP sabbath. Come dance with us on Saturday night at the Vegan Festival!!!

Winter Witches Project - Climate of Cruelty

Winter Witches Facebook Page

No-Mic Open Mic

Top Deck Workshop Area, Saturday 2-3pm

There will be no microphone. The performances will take place on the top deck behind the fountain in the festival workshop area.

Sacred Sounds

Saturday 2pm

Sacred Sounds was formed in 2016 by a group of yoga practitioners who love doing Mantra Meditation (Kirtan) because of the positive effects the Mantras on the mind and body.

Kirtan means call and response. This means that a Mantra is sung and the audience sings the same chant back. So it is audience participation and people leave feeling relaxed, happy, refreshed and with a clearer mind. Traditionally Kirtan is played acoustically but it can be done in many ways.

So Sacred Sounds decided to have a keyboard, bass guitar, electric guitar, full drum kit and 2 vocalists to give it more energy so people can can stand up dance and sing from the top of their lungs. This makes it a lot of fun and everyone comes and has an awesome time without the need of alcohol or drugs, which also means no trouble and no hangovers. Sacred Sounds will be fully acoustic for the vegan festival, but it will still be a lot of fun and definitely worth coming along to chant or sit in silence and enjoy the many benefits of Mantra meditation. Namaste.

Rob Rowland

Conscious musician

Rob Rowland is a fresh, enthusiastic face on the acoustic scene. With honest, insightful originals, and entertaining heartfelt covers & fingerstyle arrangements, he hopes to help his audience connect with themselves, heal, and inspire them to think beyond the ordinary.

Having started off his journey with music for his own enjoyment and healing, without the intention to be a performer, his playing style is deep and personal. Through his music shines the feeling of authentic expression, and the emotion and passion visible when he plays is real. Less about showmanship, he enters his own space and creates the impression of watching a musician alone with his songs; unfiltered and raw.

His hope is to allow others to know themselves, and to bridge the gap between who we are and what we show to the world. To take the taboo and make it normal, comfortable, and human. His belief is that through self awareness, we learn understanding and empathy for others – realising our common ground as conscious beings, and that this can extend to consideration of our place on this planet, to implications of our actions and thoughts of our own purpose, and to a deeper care and connection with those around us; humans, animals, plants alike.

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