Being Vegan

“[Veganism is] a philosophy and way of living that seeks to exclude - as far as possible and practical - all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose; and, by extension, promote the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals, and the environment.”

- The Vegan Society

Here, we present our collection of resources to provide information, recipes, and motivation for everyone thinking of becoming or who is already vegan.

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There is a wealth of information on being vegan available both online and via local communities and events. Here are a few online resources to start your research into the breadth and depth of vegan activities and thought.

Vegan Australia - Why Vegan - Love life, Live Vegan

Lots of documentaries have been made focusing on veganism or topics where veganism has a positive impact. We provide a list here.


Seeing what others are doing can remind us why we have made the decision to be vegan on the days the world seems against us.

Accidentally VeganClare Mann - Earthling Ed - James Aspey - Joey Carbstrong - Katrina Fox - Lyn White - Lynda Stoner - Melanie Joy - Nourish by Nicole - Philip Wollen


A united voice is stronger. Help spread the vegan philosophy and stop animal cruelty by joining in with an activism event - from the front line to back stage.

Anonymous for the Voiceless - - Vegan Australia Events - Vegan Society (activism for shy people)

We would love to see all of our Vegan Festival Adelaide supporters standing up with others who are trying to make a difference at events in SA.

Adelaide Animal Save - Animal Rights South AustraliaAdelaide Against Live Export - Adelaide Vegan Outreach - Sea Shepherd South Australia - 

Animal Activists South Australia - Animals Australia: Contact - Aussie Farms Volunteers - Bear Witness Australia

Thanks to Adelaide Animal Save for the list! #bethechange


Your food is the obvious change when turning vegan but what about everything else in life we need and want?

Vegan Kit - Vegan Alliance - Cruelty Free Shop - Oceabody - Vegan Style - Pin Up Co. - Flora and Fauna

Go Vegan Challenges

Thinking of going vegan but need a bit of structure to help guide you through the first steps? Check out these vegan challenges and get guidance and recipes to help you hit the ground running.

Challenge22 - 30 day Vegan Easy Challenge - Veganuary

Vegan Festival Adelaide eCookbooks

The 2018 eCookBook

Amazing recipes from the Festival's Cooking Demonstrations plus a bonus section with details from two special cooking demonstrations hosted at Adelaide Central Market.

The 2017 eCookBook

All the great recipes from the Festival's Cooking Demonstrations plus a bonus section from the September Vegan Cooking for Kids Demonstration 



The 2016 eCookbook

Try these fantastic vegan recipes from the 2016 cooking demonstrations.


If you're interested in finding out more about the use of animals, try one or more of the films below.

Before the Flood ŸŸ- Blackfish - Carnage - Chow Down - Cowspiracy - Crazy Sexy Cancer - Death on a Factory Farm - Dominion - Earthlings - Eating Animals - Eating our way to extinction - Eating you Alive - Empathy - Farm to Fridge - Fast Food Nation - Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (1&2) - Fed Up - Food Choices - Food Inc. - Food Matters - Forks Over Knives - From the Ground Up - H.O.P.E - What you eat matters - Home - Hungry for Change - In Defence of Food - Ingredients - Invisible Vegan - Land of Hope and Glory - Live and let live - Lucent - Meat the truth - Milk? - More than honey - Oblivion - Peacable Kingdom - Planeat - Plant Pure Nation - Racing Extinction - Seaspiracy - Simply Raw - Speciesism - Sustainable - Swine - Taking Note - The C Word - The Cove - The Game Changers - The Ghosts in our Machine - The Kids Menu - Unity - Vegan 2017 - Vegan: Everyday Stories - Vegucated - Virunga - What the Health

Vegan Festivals

Want more vegan festival goodness?

Bali Vegan Festival

The Bali Vegan Festival returns in 2018. Find out what this year will bring: Download 2018 information