Kids Zone

Veganism is for all, and children are our future. To demonstrate that being vegan does not exist in isolation, the Kids Zone offers the chance to meet vegans from a dynamic range of walks in life. The Kids Zone also offers activities to entertain children and adults alike, including a giant imagination playground, craft and a kids cooking demonstration.



Zac Bird's Cooking with Kids

Zac Bird is a home cook who loves to create food that is fatty, indulgent, and all the things people think vegan food shouldn't be. He started an Instagram account in order to surround himself with more cruelty free food and fell in love with engaging the community and creating things to share. Since then, he's operated a pop-up ice-cream shop, worked with brands to introduce their vegan products, given food demonstrations, and had his recipes shared around the world. He loves anything deep fried and gluttonous and is most happy in his kitchen with some funky music playing. You can find him anywhere delicious vegan food is served or being talked about.

Cooking Demonstration
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Chess with Alan Goldsmith

Alan Goldsmith plays wildly exciting chess and has had many games published in books and magazines. He has been a leading chess player and teacher in South Australia for many years and was State Champion in 2016, his fourth State Championship win. He has been writing the Sunday Mail chess column for over 30 years and been the President of the SA Junior Chess League for over 20 years. His business, Knights & Bytes, involves teaching chess in about 20 schools and designing and supporting databases for all manner of businesses and institutions.

Point and Flex Circus

Point and Flex are a contemporary circus and movement based ensemble. Originating in Adelaide and growing up in the Cirkidz Troupe, they perform professionally as an emerging artists group. The ensemble create new engaging and innovative circus that is friendly to all ages. A delicately shaped display of strength, endurance, creativity, and skill the company strives towards the presentation of extraordinarily talent in extraordinary ways.

The Rude Ones

The Rude Ones, Marvel and Bulldog, formed in 2009 and are a professional wrestling tag team. The wrestle exclusively for South Australia’s Riot City Wrestling. Both Marvel and Bulldog have been Riot City Wrestling Champions and, in 2016, were the inaugural Riot City Wrestling Tag Team Champions. Between them they have over 30 years of wrestling experience. Marvel has been vegan for over 25 years and Bulldog has been vegan for over 2 years.

Sharon's FacePainting

 $5 - $7 with part proceeds going to charity.

Sharon's Face Painting uses all vegan products and brings a touch of colour and glitter that no festival should be without!

MC Pony

MC Pony writes and performs hip hop in a distinctive and heartfelt style, both delighting and educating audiences with her trademark ‘mindful rhymes for kinder times’. Her Veganthused project is all about inspiring and encouraging people to explore and embrace veganism. Within Australia, MC Pony has featured at the Sydney Vegan Festival, Living Green Festival (ACT), and World Vegan Day (VIC), as well as internationally in the USA and UK. She is especially excited about this visit to Vegan Festival Adelaide as it will be her first South Australian performance. MC Pony’s singles cover a broad range of styles, from “Happy Veganniversary”, a fun celebration for vegans anywhere who want to mark their veganniversaries, to “Born to Die”, a powerful and evocative "first-person" account of a broiler chicken's sad existence. Despite performing material that raises awareness about animal rights, environmental, and social justice issues, an MC Pony show is fun, upbeat, and entertaining. Demonstrating her positive outlook, MC Pony created the portmanteau word “Veganthused” out of a combination of veganism and enthusiasm.

Cool 4 Kids

Cool 4 Kids presents a variety of dynamic and engaging performances for children and families. Created in 2007, Tony Genovese B Ed (Music), has recorded three CDs: ‘Opening Doors’, ‘Get Moving’ and ‘It’s A Cool 4 Kids World’. Each CD is packed full of fun, uplifting and educational songs.