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All for one, and one for all! Combining the knowledge and wisdom of our experts, we explore topics in greater depth and give you the chance to ask questions of the greatest vegan minds.

Plant-Powered Women - The Future of Plant Powered Business



Plant-Powered Women

The Plant-Powered Women Workshop at Vegan Festival Adelaide will be a taster version of the Plant-Powered Women Leadership Conference; the conference series launched in Sydney in April this year.  The Workshop will feature talented and inspiring vegan women who will speak on their area of expertise, followed by a question and answer panel session. This workshop/conference concept is based on Kathy Divine's Amazon #1 best-selling book Plant-Powered Women. Kathy is really excited to be co-ordinating this workshop at Vegan Festival Adelaide and will also be available to answer questions about independent book and magazine publishing and vegan advocacy in Australia.

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Kathy Divine

Kathy Divine launched the Plant-Powered Women Leadership Conference Series in March 2018 in Sydney. The Conferance is a series of one day events where vegan women speak on various topics of expertise with the aim being to inspire the audience to become ethical vegan leaders in their communities. The workshop at Vegan Festival Adelaide will be a mini version of a PPW conference.

Apoorva Madan

Apoorva is a clinical psychologist and vegan animal activist of nine years. During her Masters in Clinical Psychology, she studied activism trauma and compassion fatigue. She now does public speaking, street outreach, and writing; each with an aim to help the animal activist community build their resilience, self-care, knowledge-base, and effectiveness. Apoorva is the author of Animal and Mind, an online blog exploring veganism and animal rights philosophy through the framework of Psychology and Veganism. Apoorva has researched for Aussie Farms in regards to the Dominion: Documentary and is an editor for Bear Witness Australia: Memoirs Of An Investigator. She is also a co-coordinator with Animal Rights South Australia, a grassroots activism team that engages in vegan education, street outreach and advocacy of local animal rights campaigns in Adelaide.

Aimee Weir

Aimee has been vegetarian for 19 years and vegan for 13. The past 4 years of her life especially have been dedicated to advocacy and outreach for all animals -specifically through the Ban Live Export campaign, wombat awareness, and cat and dog rescue in Bali. She co-founded the Vegan Alliance with her husband for the same purposes, in addition to fundraising through merchandise that is completely not-for-profit, she also creates written, verbal, and visual content for anonymous submission to a number of vegan organisations. She believes in creating policy and change through action and asking for nothing in return. She wants to help empower women, especially young women, to do the same without a focus on social media or a following.

Loise Pfieffer

Louise Louise has been vegan since 2011 and seeks to use her business skills to help animals. Joining the Animal Justice Party in 2017, she has found a way to apply her marketing, negotiations, and public speaking skills to help grow the party - and in turn help animals. Louise ran as a candidate in the 2018 South Australian State Election, presented at community forums, wrote articles that were published in the local newspapers, and was interviewed on radio. She was also able to apply her business training to help lead the digital marketing campaign for the campaign. Louise was proud to be part of a strong and passionate team that helped the party achieve it's record breaking result, and she is eager to keep helping animals through building leverage in the political system.

Lynda Stoner

Lynda Stoner worked as an actor throughout most of her life including theatre, musicals, TV shows including Young Doctors, Cop Shop, Cleudo, The Flying Doctors, Shark’s Paradise and Prisoner and movies including Echoes of Paradise and Crawl. She has been an animal rights activist for 46 years, ever since reading Professor Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation.” She has been involved in countless sit-ins and rescues and exposes into the cruelty of battery hen facilities, broiler sheds, and pig factories. She is currently the CEO of Animal Liberation and a Director of Animals Australia. Six years ago she wrote the cookbook “Now Vegan!” which was reprinted four times. Adelaide is her home town and she is thrilled to be here!

Carly Taylor

Carly Taylor is a passionate animal rights activist and environmentalist originally from Toronto, Canada. After studying biology and psychology in her undergrad, she now travels around the world with her partner organizing activism events and speeches and creating online content to help spread the vegan message and inspire people to live more conscious lifestyles.



The Future of Plant Based Business

In April 2018, Australians searched on Google for ‘vegan meat’ and ‘vegan cheese’ more than people in any other country. Coles, Woolworths, and other retailers are actively seeking out more plant-based products to put on their shelves. Even meat, dairy, and egg producers are recognising that their industries are under threat, with the smart ones investing in animal-free alternatives. This global shift towards vegan eating and living offers opportunities for entrepreneurs. How can aspiring and existing vegan business owners succeed in this fast-growing market?

Join Seth Tibbott, founder of iconic US vegan food brand Tofurky, and Cale Drouin, national sales manager at Australian import and distribution company Botany Group’s plant-based and health division in this panel hosted by Katrina Fox, journalist, Forbes contributor, and founder of Vegan Business Media, as they discuss topics including:

  • What’s driving the take-up of vegan/plant-based living

  • What plant-based products are currently ‘hot’ right now

  • What to be aware of when dealing with large supermarket chains

  • Strategies for getting your products into retailers

  • Export challenges and tips

  • What’s happening in non-food-related vegan business sectors and the opportunities this provides

Whether you already own a vegan business or are thinking of starting one, you’ll gain valuable tips and insights from this expert panel.

Seth Tibbott

Seth Tibbott founded Turtle Island Foods, now The Tofurky Company, in 1980 on $2,500, his life savings from his eight-year career as a teacher/naturalist in the Portland, Oregon public schools. The company’s first product was tempeh and the first few years were a struggle financially to the point where Seth lived in a treehouse to save on rent. After hitting the big time with the first of its Tofurky roasts in 1995, the family-owned business now sells its products – which are made in a new eco production plant – in over 21,000 stores worldwide.

Cale Drouin

Cale Drouin is the national sales manager at Australian import and distribution company Botany Group’s plant-based and health division. Before that he headed up distribution companies Plant Based Foods and Revolution Foods. He also owned vegan eatery The Green Edge in Brisbane for two years. Cale works with local and international plant-based food brands to help place them in Australian supermarket chains and independent retailers.

Katrina Fox

Katrina is an award-winning journalist, PR consultant, founder of, host of Vegan Business Talk podcast and author of Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business, the first global book providing success strategies for aspiring and existing vegan business owners. She has written extensively for niche and mainstream media for 18 years on animal advocacy and ethical business and is a regular Forbes contributor specialising in writing about vegan and plant-based businesses. Katrina teaches vegan business owners how to do their own PR and get free media coverage through one-on-one consultations and her signature online course and group coaching program Vegans in the Limelight. She loves glitter, bling and disco.